Project: Zaccaria Pinball Champ '82

Refurbished / Rebuilt game, Spring 2005


The cabinet
The playfield - Dirty!


Playfield closeups during disassembly.
Most playfield parts removed.
Some plywood delamination at the bottom edge. Gorilla Glue. Clamps. We'll return to this later, to see how it comes out.
C-H-A-M-P drop target bank being rebuilt. Before, during, and after reassembly.
Plywood delamination repair. After 24 hours, the Gorilla Glue has foamed out the edges.
Right drop target bank being rebuilt.
Left drop target bank being rebuilt.
Pop bumpers being rebuilt.
Playfield edge repair. The excess Gorilla Glue has been scraped off, and the edges have been puttied up with wood filler. A little sanding, a little grey paint, and this edge looks a whole lot better, and with the Gorilla Glue in there, it should last forever.
Playfield before cleaning.
Playfield after cleaning and waxing.
Playfield before and after. What a difference!
Playfield parts, cleaned and ready to reinstall.
Playfield plastics, before and after cleaning.
Coin door, front and back.
Coin door being cleaned up.
Coin door, front and back, after cleaning.


Playfield Closeups
Backbox LeftBackbox Right
Cabinet LeftCabinet Right
Cabinet Front / Coin Door