Hacking Pinball Champ for Free Play

Here are some of my notes from adding a "Free Play" option to Pinball Champ.

If you read my notes on Farfalla, this is a continuation of that effort.

ROM Layout (3 x 2532)

Not done yet, but this should be very similar to Soccer Kings.

This one will have to be done twice, to account for the regular 8-digit game ROMs, and the 7-digit game ROMs.

Start Address End Address Device Bank
0x0000 0x07FF ROM1 Bank 1
0x0800 0x0FFF ROM2 Bank 1
0x1000 0x17FF ROM3 Bank 1
0x1800 0x1FFF RAM (Mine)
0x2000 0x27FF ROM1 Bank 2
0x2800 0x2FFF ROM2 Bank 2
0x3000 0x37FF ROM3 Bank 2
0x3800 0x3FFF RAM (Theirs)

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Last updated 15 February 2011