Parts Needed

I'm looking for a source for the relays used on the 2nd Generation and Mr Game power supply boards. The originals seem to have been made by two companies, but both are discontinued.

Green Case
FV A 001
29 10
Made by: Carlo Gavazzi
Status: Discontinued. No replacement known.
Black Case
Made by: Siemens (now called Infineon)
Status: Discontinued. No replacement known.

I found a possible replacement in Tyco Shrack part number 9-1393215-4, but these are a custom made-to-order part and are not in stock.

The closest stock part found, so far, is Omron part number G6RN-1-48VDC. It looks like this would fit, but the internal arangement of the switched points is reversed. The Omron relay is NC. The original relay is NO.

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