What's New

18 February 2017

Minor update to the How-To for driver board testing.

Updated shipping prices for parts to account for USPS price changes.

26 February 2017

Added Supersonic score / instruction cards. Thanks Peter (Inkochnito).

10 October 2017

Parts for sale page updated. Flipper bats temporarily out of stock.

18 March 2018

Fixed link to Strike rubber rings page. Still need list/location map for this game.

27 August 2018

Added DE speach ROM image. Thanks Bram.

Added Fast Track ROM archive. Thanks Clay.

Added Stars Phoenix schematics scan. Thanks Federico.

Added reproduction artwork files for Earth Wind Fire. Thanks Keith.

Added reproduction drop target artwork for Strike. Thanks Neo.

8 December 2018

Added FR sound ROM images for Devil Riders. Thanks Thierry.

29 September 2019

Correction to the Gen1 CPU document. Thanks Laszlo.

Added rubbers list / location map for Locomotion. Thanks Gianfri.

10 November 2019

Added rubbers list / location map for Shooting the Rapids. Thanks Klaus.

10 May 2020

FreePlay ROM for Star God with 1B1125 sound board added. Finally.

19 July 2020

New section added for Technoplay information. Not much available yet.

10 October 2020

Added rubbers list / location map for Combat. Thanks Szabolcs.

25 November 2021

Moving from GoDaddy.com to pair.com. Checking links and testing.

28 November 2021

Fixing broken links.

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