MrGame Miscelaneous Information

All the things that didn't really fit anywhere else, but are unusual about these games and worth publishing.

Leg Bolts

There are 12 leg bolts, three for each leg. They are 5/16" x 1 1/2" 18TPI socket head (Allen head) cap screws. Use a 1/4" Allen wrench to install and tighten them.

Backbox Bolts

Longer than the usual backbox bolts. Use two 3/8" x 3 1/2" bolts with 3/8" fender washers.

Playfield Glass

43 5/8" x 21 13/16" tempered.


In keeping with the rest of the unusual cabinet design on these games, MrGame went with unusual locks to secure them. A locksmith friend helped identify some locks that look like they should be compatible replacements, but you will have to buy through a lock dealer, not the usual pinball spare parts companies.

The first likely replacement, which looks closest to the original locks that came in the games I have worked on, is from Hudson Lock, part number G2139. Get their catalog from their web site, then contact your local locksmiths and lock shops to see if they carry or can order these.

The other possible replacement, which looks pretty close as well, is from CompX-Fort (formerly Fort Locks, who supply many of the usual pinball and video game locks), part number SD1990. Get their catalog from their web site, then contact your local locksmiths and lock shops to see if they carry or can order these.

A possible mail-order source for these locks is Wiczer Industries. As of this writing, they have the CompX-Fort lock listed at $6.95/each. They do not mention a shipping price. Considering that I paid $32/each to buy these from a local locksmith, that seems like a pretty good deal.

Dakar uses three of these locks, two for the coin door and one for the backbox. Motor Show uses a normal cam lock for the coin door, and one of these locks for the backbox.

Backbox Lamp

The flourescent fixture in the backbox takes a standard 15W 18" x 1" T8 style bulb.

Knocker on Motor Show

On the Motor Show I had, the knocker (solenoid #1) would not fire in the game solenoid tests, but does fire fine in the game itself (once for award extra ball, twice for award credit). This may be a software bug in the game.

Leg Levelers

The legs have built-in levelers. To adjust, use a 19mm open end wrench on the nuts.

Step Up Transformer

In order to run a MrGame game intended for the European market (220V transformer) in the US, a "step-up" transformer like this one:
Simran SM-1500DE
is required. I have not tried it, but it looks like this same transformer would work for running a game intended for the US market (110V) in a country where 220V is the norm.


The games after Dakar came with a slightly easier way to help move them around. They added some handles to the back of the cabinet, and added sockets to the front of the cabinet that accept lengths of 1/2" iron pipe. Inside the cabinet, to the right of the coin box, there is a sheetmetal holder that can be used to store these two pieces of pipe when the game is not being moved.