MrGame Circuit Boards - Overview

A MrGame board set is comprised of five main circuit boards, plus the high voltage supply for the backbox monitor. There are no traditional pinball type displays, the monitor is used to show scores, game information and the video game modes. The video game board is mounted in the backbox, but the other boards are all mounted on the sides of the cabinet. There are a CPU and Sound boards on the right side, and Power Supply and Driver (lamps and solenoids) on the left side. There are ribbon cables between the boards, and a wiring harness to connect up to the playfield and cabinet. The wiring harness is a combination of .100" and .156" connectors (IDC) and 20-pin ribbon cables.

The .156" IDC connectors can be replaced with Molex 7675-series or 7674-series parts; the difference is that the 7674 has "Trifurcon" female pins, with more contact surface available to grip the male pin. Either 7675 or 7674 will work, but the 7674 connector is preferable. Molex part numbers:
Pins7675 Series7674 Series
13 09-06-013709-06-0139
7 09-06-007709-06-0079
5 09-06-005709-06-0059

Alternately, Molex KK series housings and crimp on pins can be used.

There are 20-pin ribbon cables connecting the CPU to the Driver, Sound and Video Game boards. 20-pin cable can be bought in bulk from suppliers like Mouser, and standard 20-pin ribbon cable connectors can be crimped on to make replacements. 3M connectors (P/N 517-8920 from Mouser) work well and are reasonably priced.

MrGame seems to have continued the Zaccaria tradition of having board part numbers reflect design revisions to the same basic board. It is currently unknown if they were around long enough to actually have any revisions, however, since only four games were produced.

CPU Boards - Located on the right cabinet wall. Revisions:

Driver Boards - Located on the left cabinet wall. Revisions:

Power Supply Boards - Located on the left cabinet wall. Revisions:

Sound Boards - Located on the right cabinet wall. Revisions:

Video Game Boards - Located in the backbox. Revisions:


  1. The 1B1166 Driver board has the same part number, and appears to be the same board, as the Zaccaria 2nd generation Driver board.
  2. The Power Supply board has a new part number, but is similar to the the Zaccaria 2nd generation Power Supply, other than the high voltage section, which is no longer needed. The area where the high voltage section was is now used for an optional extra +5VDC circuit.
  3. Motor Show, Dakar, Mac Attack and Fast Track all use the 1B11189/0 sound board.
  4. World Cup '90 has the updated sound board, part number 1B11195, introduced on Mac Attack, and an updated Video Game board as well (part number unknown at this time).