I need your help.

I am looking for the following information to make this web site better and more complete:

  1. Any manuals, schematics, or information on the 8060 games. Even if you just have a working one and are willing to make a few tests, it would be helpful.
  2. Manuals, schematics, and information on the Mr Game games.
  3. Information on the Electromechanical games. I have some schematics, and have seen the insides of a couple of games, and they look like pretty standard stuff mostly based on Williams parts, but any additional information would be helpful.
  4. Sound ROMs:
  5. Playfield rubber rings lists and location maps. If you are shopping a game, check and see if I have a confirmed list/map. If I don't, please note the sizes and locations of the rings used (use the "Solenoids Locations" page from the manual) and get the information to me. If you can do this in electronic format, it's easiest, but if not then snail mail a xerox of the page, or even a hand-drawn map and I'll do the rest.
  6. Rulesheets - I would really like to publish a rulesheet for each and every one of these games. Unfortuately, there are many that I have never seen or played. So, if you can, write a rulesheet for a game you are familiar with or have access to.
  7. Somebody with a Mystic Star to confirm whether Zankor was the last 2nd generation game to come with the voltage adjustment on the transformer.
  8. ROM images for any game (Ski Jump, Space City) that have not been archived yet. Also looking for the any sound ROM images that have not yet been archived.

If you can help with any information that you don't see posted here on the web site, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Please email me: if you can help with any information or content for this web site.