1st Generation Transformers and Input Voltages

In the bottom of the cabinet is the transformer. Most games had only one transformer, but Locomotion came with two, as did at least some Space Shuttles and possibly Earth Wind Fire. There are input taps that allow the transformer(s) to be configured for one of several common input voltages used in different parts of the world.

Transformer Inputs

Move the wire to the correct input tap (bottom row) for the line voltage that the game will be plugged in to.

On the other side of the transformer, the output taps have the various AC voltages that the game needs to run. Most of these run to the power supply board mounted in the backbox to be turned in to DC voltages.

Transformer Outputs

There should be no need to move any wires on the output side of the transformer, but you may need to test the transformer's output voltages. Transformers rarely fail, but a broken winding is possible and the transformer can be checked with a meter. Set it for the appropriate AC range, and put one lead on the upper lug and one lead on the bottom lug. The reading may not be exact, but should be in the ballpark of the voltage printed on the wrapper.

Space Shuttle and Locomotion and possibly Earth Wind Fire came with a secondary transformer.

Locomotion's Second Transformer