1st Generation Miscellaneous Boards

1B1149 "Flipper Programming" Board

The 1B1149 is a small board that plugs in-line with the switch matrix connector (CN9) wiring and holds two sets of DIP switches and 16 diodes and is used to set default game settings for pricing and game play that the game can use if the settings stored in the 5101 CMOS RAM are found to be bad or missing when the game boots.

Supported on Earth Wind Fire, Space Shuttle, and Locomotion, this board works with the 1B1110/1 and 1B1110/1a CPU boards, using the previously unused Row 7 of the switch matrix. The switches duplicate the function of operator settings 12/13 (coin chute 1 pricing and credits), 14 (coin chute 2 credits), 15/16 (coin chute 3 pricing and credits), 6 (3/5 balls per game), 7 (match enabled/disabled), 21 (normal or random high score to date), and 8 (Special awards extra ball or replay).

Note the lack of a switch setting for the pricing in coin chute 2. This is the centre coin chute, and was probably never used. The games I have seen do not include wiring or a coin switch mechanism in the centre chute.

1B1173 Lamp Effects Board

Unique to Locomotion, this board is mounted under the playfield and is used to implement a "chase lamp" effect for 8 lamps underneath the vacuum formed plastic in the middle of the playfield. The game can turn the chase feature on or off, and can set it to "slow" or "fast" speed for the lamps.

David Gersic

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