The company been born from ashes of an other great producer of pinball machine in Italy, the ZACCARIA with center to Calderara di Reno (BOLOGNA) NATO in years ' 70, has been piu' the great and important pinball machine manufacturer until the 1987 year in which e' exited STARS PHOENIX last machine produced before the definitive closing.

Found from new management in 1988 ZACCARIA divenne and in short time recommenced the common production but not of the pinball machine that from always we were accustoms to see in knows them games to you, but of it totally blots some redesigned and planned from zero, and while Americans (WILLIAMS and BALLY) inzeppavano their models with blinkings color (type to you those of ambulances) the let out "the DAKAR " the pinball machine of the new generation, than nell entirety it enclosed new and radical changes to leave from the laccato piece of furniture I polish, to the new grips, (piu' usuals two tastini in order not to play) to the large head and plan from game piu', in order to arrive quite also in the shape of the legs that were rectangular instead that of conventional shape to "L " in order to arrive truly to the top of top that is... the monitor.

Why having no display in the glass of the head the monitor did not serve in order to hold the score, the credits, and the number of the littles ball, but what still more fantastic is that to second of the points or of where it came sent the little ball could be played on the small monitor to of the videogames of ability, what that rendered the game a lot piu' fascinating inasmuch as it was played to two you play in one

After "the DAKAR " MOTOR SHOW came before produced in "1988 " coming from pinball machine from an old plan ZACCARIA of some year (FAST TRACK), MOTOR SHOW explicitly was dedicated to the motoristica manifestation that carries out every year to Bologna and not to case e' be the model that has been looked at more frequently in turn for bar and knows them games.

The model that followed was "MAC ATTACK " that beyond to the two classics keys on the grips had others two keys situates over that they served to shoot the little ball to you from the guns situates to you on the plan from game, for the rest not was radical changes to that they were the previous models.

In end the last model that has produced e' be "WORLD CUP 90 " in 1990 and dedicated to the world-wide ones of soccer that they were carried out just in that period.

"WORLD CUP 90 " was not a pinball machine where it had to make points volonta', indeed it did not come not marked the score of game why the rule was to mark piu' goal possible and not points, for nothing up on the table from game it had not been mail a door with a lot of porter and in the monitor it could be played quite to a true one videogames of soccer with a lot of rigors.

Unfortunately pero' "WORLD CUP 90 " did not have much happening and after this machine the stopped the pinball machine production and sluices definitively the clappers and with it ended also the age of pinball machine MADE IN ITALY.

DAKAR 1988



WORLD CUP 90 1990