Board Repairs

Yes, I do circuit board repairs for all Zaccaria games.

Basic CPU board repairs include removing the NiCd battery, cleaning up the leaked battery alkaline, neutralizing the board to prevent further damage, and replacing failed or damaged components. A 5.5V 1F memory backup capacitor will be installed in place of the battery. This does not include replacing the Signetics 2650A processor IC.

Driver board repairs include replacing failed components and minor board rework to repair damage from previous failures or repairs.

Power Supply board repairs include replacing the input connector header (if needed), replacing the fuse clips and fuses (if needed), and replacing other components if needed.

Sound Board repairs include replacing any simple components needed. They do not include replacing the amplifier IC.

Display repairs include the components and will vary depending on which component(s) need to be replaced. Glass display tubes may not be available, and are not included. Contact me for details and availability.

All boards will be tested and verified working. The work performed and new parts installed are warranteed for 60 days. Used parts (display glass tubes) cannot be warranteed.

Zaccaria 1st Generation

1B1110 CPU $160
1B1111 Driver $50
1B1109 Power Supply $85
1B1125 Sound Contact
1B1144 Sound Contact
1B1146 Sound Contact
1B1146/2 Sound Contact
1B1104 Display (6-digit) Contact

Zaccaria 2nd Generation

1B1165 CPU $160
1B1166 Driver $50
1B11167 Power Supply $85
1B1170 Sound $100
1B11136 Sound $100
1B11178 Sound $100
1B11183 Sound $100
1B1168 Display (4 x 2-digit) Contact
1B13123 Display (7-digit) Contact
1B11150 Display (8-digit) Contact


1B11188/0 CPU $175
1B1166 Driver $50
1B11190 Power Supply $85
1B11189/0 Sound Contact
1B11191/0 Video Contact

I ask that you send the entire board set (power, driver, cpu, sound) in for repair, and to include the interconnecting ribbon cables. I do not charge for any board that I don't work on, and this allows me to test them as a full set and ensure that they are all working. This helps ensure that a problem on one board does not affect the other board(s) when they are reinstalled in the game.

For the boards marked Contact, please contact me before sending one of these in for repair. It is likely that I can repair it, but either have not done enough of them to establish a fair price, or need to discuss the options and possibilities with you before you send it.

Effective 1 November 2009, an overseas shipping cost will be added to cover the increased cost of postage outside the United States.

8060 Based Games

This board may be repairable, but I have no information on them at this time. If you have a working one, please contact me. If you need one repaired, contact me and maybe we can work something out.

How To Contact Me

My mailing address:

David Gersic
927 East Garden Street
DeKalb, IL 60115

You also can email me:

My home phone number is 815-758-4425. Please do not call during the day (I'm at work!) or after midnight. Evenings, or weekends are fine. I may or may not be home; leave a message and I'll get back to you. If at all possible, please email me instead.